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The three year course offers students the scope to study all aspects of performing arts in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of musical theatre.

Students follow the curriculum for the Trinity Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre – Level 6 and also incorporate the BTEC Extended Diploma in Performing Arts – Level 3.

Students commence the day at 9.00am and complete the day at 4.30pm. The timetable includes a minimum of 5 classes each day making 30 hours per week over three terms a year.

The course may be summarised as fostering intuitive and imaginative thinking as expressed through musical theatre and the encouragement of an active and continuing participation in performing arts.

LCPA is committed to ensuring access to all students who have the capacity to safely participate on the course.

Year 1

Students enter the course with a range of different skills and experiences, so the first year is dedicated to introducing a clear understanding of technique. This awareness will enable the students to strengthen their knowledge and development. On completion of year 1 the student should:

  • Have an understanding of how to interpret ideas.
  • Have knowledge of how to apply ideas creatively.
  • Have gained an understanding of correct technique.
  • Be able to receive direction and interpret it correctly.
  • Experience and actively take part in performances.

Year 2

Students build on the ideas and intentions of the first year, with a heightened focus on the development of technique. Students are also encouraged to explore performance skills, allowing the individual’s personality, confidence and style to emerge. On completion of year 2 the student should:

  • Have an understanding of how to interpret ideas and communicate their meaning effectively.
  • Be able to actively develop creative ideas.
  • Continue to develop and understand correct technique.
  • Be able to receive direction and interpret it correctly incorporating an individualistic style.
  • Experience and actively take part in performances.

Year 3

In the final year, attention is turned to specific concerns within the profession. Performance will become an integral part of every class, whilst continuing to reinforce good technique. Students are expected to work as professionals, guided by the college to audition and gain employment within the industry. On completion of year 3 the student should:

  • Show a responsible attitude to self-management including time keeping and self-criticism.
  • Have achieved the highest possible standard of professional practice and technique.
  • Have a well-rounded approach to performances with professional understanding.
  • Have the confidence to project a professional self-image within a competitive industry.
  • Interpret and put into practice procedures related to employment within the profession.


Each year the college is on the lookout for boys that have the drive and determination to be successful within the performing arts industry. The curriculum offers boys a practical programme suiting their physiology, with male only classes. This provides more specialised training focusing on the specific factors that the male performer requires for the business. Full boys scholarships are available.edit 550



The curriculum of practical work over three years aims to provide professional training in theatre, dance and combined studies. The structure of the course and the method of assessment place a clear emphasis on the progressive mastery of musical theatre and related disciplines.

Theatre Studies: Musical Theatre, Singing, Acting and Choreography.

Dance Studies: Jazz, Commercial Jazz, Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Tap and Partner Work.

Combined Studies: Contextual Studies, Fitness & Conditioning, Nutrition & Anatomy and Audition Preparation.

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