Dance School Leicester

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The aims and objectives clearly emphasise both the breadth of study and the development of practical abilities based over three years.

The course aim is intended to:

  • Promote the progressive mastery of musical theatre for professional development and fulfilment.
  • Encourage the development of leadership, personal, social and physical skills.
  • Provide opportunities for participation as a performer.
  • Encourage creative and critical understanding.
  • Develop an increasing awareness of cultural and historical contributions to the arts

The course objective is to provide opportunities for each student to demonstrate:

  • Confident and established technique and mastery of subjects studied.
  • Self-confidence, personal discipline, inter-personal skills, teamwork and leadership.
  • An informed response to critical and creative decisions.
  • Knowledge and understanding of musical theatre in relation to professional contexts.
  • Knowledge of the demands and requirements placed upon professionals working in the industry.
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